Obituary etiquette

When my husband died the town we were living in put a post up on legacy and obits saying he had died. People can comment here about their relationship with the deceased. I put an obituary in a newspaper where he was born and raised. We were nomadic so that made the best sense.

Today I went to the site legacy and was somewhat both amused and appalled by what I found. First a little background I was my husband’s 4th wife. Ours was the last and the longest. The only union with children. We were married 24 years the others lasted under 5 and two of them much shorter. Anyhow here is the comment at the site

– I wrote Haiku poetry often.
This one I wrote for Brian, ‘Your nearness excites, Dawns animal desires And kindred spirits’
He was very important to me when we married. I wish … many things.

August 31, 2017 | Spouse

Obviously she wasn’t thinking or didn’t care.

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